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Welding Rotators

D-CHGK-Series Welding Rotator

D-CHGK-Series Welding Rotator

Capacity from 5 tonnes to 250 tonnes. The spindle construction is designed to facilitate easy adjustment of the distance between the wheels to suit the diameter of your work-piece. Stepless adjustable drive speed.

Pricing: £4,960.00£19,870.00 View Product Detail
D-HGK-Series Welding Rotator

D-HGK-Series Welding Rotator

Capacity from 5 tonnes to 650 tonnes. The D-HGK Series are manually adjustable by bolt and feature either rubber or PU (polyurethane) wheels. Stepless adjustable speed of the driven part.

Pricing: £4,460.00£59,220.00 View Product Detail

D-HGZ-Series Welding Rotator

Capacity from 500kg to 150 tonnes. Self-adjusting for different diameters of the work-piece. Steel wheels which enclose locked solid rubber tyres.

Pricing: £4,690.00£26,585.00 View Product Detail
D-NHTR-Series Welding Rotator

D-NHTR-Series Welding Rotator

Capacity from 1 tonne to 6 tonnes. The D-NHTR Series feature PU (polyurethane) wheels. Standard configuration includes a foot pedal (Start/Stop).

Pricing: £1,610.00£4,320.00 View Product Detail
D-TLRS-Series Welding Rotator

D-TLRS-Series Welding Rotator

Capacity from 5 tonnes to 150 tonnes. The D-TLRS Series feature PU (polyurethane) wheels. Self-adjusting to different diameters of the work piece.

Pricing: £5,215.00£38,395.00 View Product Detail

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