36 Month Warranty for many Positioners, Rotators & Tapping Machines

Rencol Automation now offer a free-of-charge 36 Month Warranty on a wide range of new machines purchased after 1st October 2015. The guarantee does not include accompanying accessories and is only applicable to manufacturing faults, not worn parts.

The 36 Month Warranty is applicable to all Welding Positioners, Welding Rotators and Tapping Machines from the following series:

  • D-TLP-Series, D-TLP-HE-Series, D-TLP-DC-Series, D-TLP-VE, >D-TLP-L-Series, D-HB-Series, D-HBE-Series, D-TT-Series, D-GK-Series, D-TLRS-Series, D-HGZ-Series, D-CHGK-Series, D-HGK-Series, D-TL-HCJ-Series, D-JS-Series, D-BD-Series.

The standard 12 Month Warranty is applicable to other products specified from the following series:

  • D-BY-Series, D-BYT-Series, D-BYT-L- Series, D-NHTR-Series, D-NHTG-Series, D-ZCJ-Series, D-NHK-Series, D-PM-Series, D-MB-Series, D-K-Series, D-D-Series, D-WP-Series, D-SCW-Series, D-KB-Series.

Full details are available on request.